Look what I found in our neighborhood this morning.

Free items, pick up at own risk

Free items, pick up at own risk

A few things to furnish your home with and improve your wardrobe.  A couch, which needs a little cleaning and if you don’t pick it up by Friday afternoon, will also need drying out.  Its the rainy season here now.  A piece of electronic equipment which looks impressive.  No idea what it does, but that makes it a conversation piece.  And a black shirt.  Everyone needs a black shirt.  There are more things available to add to your closet, too.  JJ, Benny and I noticed a woman’s sweater on a fence, one glove on the ground and shrubbery wearing a small pink hat.  Shrubbery does not need a hat but maybe you do.

You don’t need to go to GoodWill or Value Village.  Just take a spin around our neighborhood and you will find housewares, makeup and furniture.  Within the last 6 months, for absolutely nothing, I mean zero dollars, you could have picked up 4 dining room chairs, a sink, an ironing board, an orange mattress, a desk, an exercise bike and book shelves.

We do have a few garage sales in the summer.  The preferred method for getting rid of unwanted household items in our area especially stuff which only fits in a truck, is to slap a free sign on it, haul it to the curb and wait.  Or just plunk it down near the curb.  Oversize items on the parking strip near the curb are assumed to be free and ready to be hauled away, no sign required.

Shopping hours are 24/7, and recommended months are July through September.  Product is available year round but you will risk water damage October through June.  Unless there is a drought.  Bring your U-Haul or truck and lots of your friends for the most favorable shopping experience.


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  1. ksbeth says:

    perhaps you could wear the black shirt, while sitting on the couch and fiddling with the electronic thing.

  2. That appears to be not only just a couch, but a click-clack couch that conveniently folds down into a comfy cozy bed!

  3. amanpan says:

    One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.:)

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