The OhMyGod Series, Episode 18

My “Does This Happen to You?” moment for this week came yesterday.   My part in a team building game for local accounting interns was to be dressed as a Nordic goddess and teach each team a song.  Standing around in South Lake Union park with horns on my head garnered only one question from one passerby out of the hundreds who gawked but said nothing.  She asked “Why are you dressed like that”, and then took my picture.

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Does This Happen to You? – Your Old Bookcase will disappear if its Free

They will come if its free

The OhMyGod series, Episode 17

I recently visited my parents, who have cats.  My mother thought the cat was not in the house when the boys and I arrived.  She was wrong.  While in another room, I heard the boys yelp and scramble on the floor.  I ran into the living room just in time to see a cat flying out of the room in sheer terror.  The cat climbed on top of the freezer in the mud room, hiding, while the boys frantically searched for her.  I packed the boys outside and my mother retrieved the cat.

That is my Does This Happen to You moment this week – can your cat fly?

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Does This Happen to You? – Impromptu Concerts

Impromptu concerts

The OhMyGod Series, Episode 16

The boys seriously pissed off a cat this week, but we didn’t suffer another walk by clawing.  We were stalked for half a block.

Here is Episode 16 of OhMyGod, my narration of the series by The Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress.

Does This Happen to You? – Stop and Iron

DTHTU - ironed stop sign toon

The OhMyGod Series, Episode 15

Its the mid week plus one post of the OhMyGod series, from the stories written by the Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress.

My Does This Happen to You moment this week is over scheduling myself for my first week as a full time freelancer.  The new rule is do not schedule 2 networking meetings in the same day, ever.  I did book a live simulation gig, auditioned for a film and discovered a new taste treat, bacon wrapped dates.

Walk-by Clawing

Kris Keppeler and her dogs, JJ and Benny reported 2 walk-by clawing incidents this week in their neighborhood.

Kris reported the first occurred early in the week.  She and her boys travel the street often on their early morning walks.  On the morning of the incident, the perpetrator, a long hair, yellow eyed black cat sat on the rockery outside its home.  This cat reportedly growls every time the boys walk by.  Due to the rockery only being a few feet off the sidewalk, the boys eagerly stepped forward to greet the cat.  Outraged, the cat leapt from its perch on the rockery into the boys’ faces, hissing and batting.  No one was injured in the resulting scuffle but the cat stalked the threesome down the sidewalk for a ways.

The second incident occurred late in the week.   As Kris and the boys trotted by the corner house, the white and black cat arched its back.  The boys insisted on stopping to get a closer look.  All three were stunned when the cat hurled itself across the lawn at them.  Sliding underneath JJ and Benny, the cat batted in silence.  As quickly as it attacked, the cat retreated to the bushes near the driveway.   The concerned homeowner emerged but Kris assured her no one was hurt.  Turns out this perpetrator is well known in the neighborhood for walk-by incidents, the latest crime being chasing a little boy and his dog down the sidewalk for half a block.  One tough cookie, this cat once bested a German Sheppard.

When approached for comment on these incidents, Benny jumped up and exclaimed, awesome!  Just awesome!   JJ rolled his eyes at Benny and challenged any cat to try that again anytime soon.  He is ready.

Walk by Clawing Poster

The OhMyGod Series, Episode 14

My Does This Happen to You moment this week is my part time corporate job coming to an end.  What began as a 3 month contractor position lasted 8 years.  That’s a new record for me, 8 years at one company.  I’m jumping full time into freelance work.  Its scary.

Its time for the mid week plus one day OhMyGod series story in audio, from the Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress.

My Personal Trainer finds a new name for Torture

It’s impossible to hold my phone while my two hands are occupied with pushing and pulling me on the TRX suspension training platform.  I strategically position my phone at my feet so I can watch the timer and perform suspended chest presses.   I push and pull, push and pull and look down.  I forgot to push the timer on my phone.   I lean down to tap the timer and now I’m out of position for the chest presses.   Push and pull and count, push and pull and count.   Lovely, working out and multi-tasking.

I like my personal trainer.   He gives me plenty of fun, challenging workouts via an app on my phone.   Last month, he says he’s giving me a new type of workout, Tabata.  Its 20 seconds of workout, then 10 seconds off, done 8 times in a row.  Sounds like a piece of cake, how hard can it be?  He neglected to mention the multi-tasking.  It takes several minutes to adjust the TRX straps up and down as I’m spatially challenged.   I barely manage to avoid a face plant getting my foot stuck in the TRX ring.   And now I have to remember to position the phone where I can see it, tap the timer, count the repetitions and do the exercise.   He’s expecting quite a bit. The scissor kicks are the worst.  4 minutes of scissor kicks make me scream.    The multi-tasking is a snap though while scissor kicking.  I just hold the phone in my hand, stare at the timer and pray for the 4 minutes to be up.

Lifting 150 pounds is easier than 4 minutes of scissor kicks

Lifting 150 pounds is easier than 4 minutes of scissor kicks