The Climate of Chocolate

chocolate going extinct


Crummy Kismet on Wheels

Crummy Kismet on Wheels

Frozen Locks and Hot Pee -From the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo-

Holiday Haze

Pot and Family dinner

Stretch your Holiday Budget

Trimming Pine

Botox for your Hair

Botox and Do

Does This Happen to You? YouTube Channel

Does This Happen to You? has a YouTube channel where visual stuff and sometimes music accompany my writing and podcasts.

There’s a backstory to everything,   Podcast Ad with link - Exploring Daily Anomalies

Invested in Befuddlement

Dow Plunges

Standing in Line Waiting for the Dog

Passing the Sniff TestA new experience with airport security on my trip to NYC,

Its not your imagination, the Earth is having hot flashes

CO2 levels-beachfront property

A skewed view of the news this week

Tiffany & Co


Animatronic Band