How To Survive Four COVID Tests and One Support Sock Demo all in One Week

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I’ve Been Negligent in my Postings

I have much to be grateful for in 2020. My business expanded and my partner and I have stayed in good health. My expanding business meant I somehow skipped posting my musings on Channillo here.

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How to make Elderberry syrup and A Mess and Badass Squirrels.

The Countryside is Not a quiet place

Farm Alarn

I recently visited my mom and her neighbors’ own horses, goats, and chickens. It’s not a quiet place at night or in the early morning.

Discovering How to Maneuver Through No Contact Vet Visits and Tips to Outrun COVID-19 While Grocery Shopping

My newest Does This Happen to You story on Channillo, Putting a smile on your pandemic face. No Contact Vet Visit

Wild Bunny Facts to Keep You and Your Dogs Safe and Sane This Spring and Summer

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Kris Learns About Featured Extra Work the Hard Way

I came prepared for background extra work and what a surprise I got. Including really stiff hair, The Does This Happen to You story for the last of 2019.

Three-Tails of Survival While Hiking with Dogs and Interacting with Urban Wildlife

My latest Does This Happen to You adventure published to Channillo today.  Just click on the link.


Snowmegaddon in Seattle Means Crab for Me, No Bananas For You

Snow Closure Sign

A story about Seattle’s February blizzard and the food people find comforting during a blizzard, on Channillo,

The Number of Words Required for Dead Rat Identification

Dead Rat

Follow along as I solve the mystery of this crime scene on my Channillo blog.

The Art of Dead Rat Identification

My Does This Happen to You moment of the week, involving rats. We have a bit of a rat problem where we live. Mild climate, lush urban landscapes, lots of food brings forth rats.

On the Does This Happen to You Youtube channel (warning – graphic dead rat pic), A Conversation about Rat ID