Leopard Leggings

Leopard Leggings

I have a thing about fashion, on the Does This Happen to You series? on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-21199/

It’s Raining Grandpa

Funeral Pyre

A do it yourself funeral that went off with a bang, https://medium.com/@kriskeppeler/its-raining-grandpa-9dfb09256ef2

Naked Bicyclists

Painted Body

It’s summer solstice and time for the Fremont parade and fair, featuring a bevy of the scantily clad and the skyclad, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-21157/

Dental Goodie Bags

Goodie Bag Surprise

A surprise from your dentist on the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo-https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-21061/

Flight or Fight

Flight Fight

Must Go for this week

Arresting Service


View story at Medium.com

See Like A Rabbit


You need to see like a rabbit this week on the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-20878/

Epic fail moment in animal kingdom

Great White shark

Crime Gets Its Goat On


Crime and befuddlement in Minnesota this week, https://medium.com/things-that-must-go/goat-napping-aca264230d10.

Vindaloo Fire Dance

Vindaloo Fire Dance

Mild or fiery sampler this week on the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-20790/