The OhMyGod series, Episode 22

My Does This Happen to You moment this week concerns piddling, as in Benny peeing on his brother once again.  Jack and I had the boys out for a walk on Monday and Benny let fly.  Right in JJ’s direction.  We yelled at Benny and tried to move JJ, but Benny moved too and hit JJ again.  Benny is the most indiscriminate shot around.

Let’s move on from piddling to Episode 22 of the OhMyGod series, from The Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress.

The OhMyGod Series, Episode 21

My Does This Happen to You? moment of the week is getting mosquito bites on location for a feature film where I play the local drug lord’s mom.  Those mosquitoes wanted a piece of my behind and they got it in spades, right through my clothing.  I have huge itchy welts in a really bad place.

To lighten the mood and give me something to think about other than scratching unmentionable parts, we have Episode 21 of the OhMyGod series, from the Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress.

The Valkyrie in the Park

I’m lucky.  The spot I need to be at has a tree.  Normally its not this hot, in the upper 80’s, in June in Seattle.  My tan resembles dirt (if I get one) or more likely I burn and peel and stay lily white.

I plunk down my umbrella as I won’t need it and its a pain to carry around.  I adjust my gown with the gold trim, and red cape.  I sit my horned hat on my head and I’m ready to teach a song to the accountants.  No matter I have never taught a song to a group before, much less accountants, I’m still rearing to go.  Must be the adrenaline rush.

I’m a “plant” in a team building game.   No teams are in sight.  While waiting, I people watch in the busy park and go over the song in my mind. And take a selfie which I don’t do often as you can tell.


People stare at me with curiosity but keep on walking.  A dog comes by and says hello.  His master follows behind and hesitates.  No, he decides he’s not going to ask me why but he’d like to.

I see my first team of accountants in the distance, a gaggle of students all wearing the same T-shirt.  One of them spots me.  I do stand out, a Valkyrie under a tree.   To my surprise, they pick up the tune to Dream a Little Dream quickly, the words not so quickly.   One looks up the lyrics on her phone and we’re off until we can’t find a passerby who wants to be serenaded. After a minute or two, we corral someone and the team brings it off, even adding hand gestures.  I’m feeling flush since it turns out I chose an easy tune to learn.

While waiting for the next team, a woman approaches me and asks why I’m dressed like that.  I respond I’m part of a team building exercise, a Nordic goddess down from Valhalla searching for song birds.  The teams of accountants don’t qualify as song birds but they’re coming lots closer than I thought.

She asks to take my picture and I smile for the camera.  She is the only person to ask out of the hundreds who walk by.

The OhMyGod series, Episode 20

We’ve made it to Episode 20 for OhMyGod, from the Drunken Cyclist, a blog on WordPress,  Its back to Paris although the adventures with OhMyGod are not over, not in the least.

And here is the latest Does This Happen to You moment in biking in France.

My Dog’s Bathtub Fetish

Benny brings what is left of Mr. Squirrel into the bathroom.   My boys don’t waste dog toys.  Mr. Squirrel may be mostly deceased but his tail is his toughest part.   That tail survives all the tossing the boys give it.

All That Is Left of Mr Squirrel

Benny unceremoniously throws the tail into the bath tub and looks up at me expectantly.  He wants me to throw it for him to chase after, I think.    I’d like to ask him why he used the tub but I’m brushing my teeth.   He’s an impatient guy and wanders off before I have a chance to pick the tail out of the tub.

Its a mystery why the tub is suddenly interesting.  He finds the bathroom tiles cool so lays on them most hot summer days.   Only a week ago, I noticed him gazing into the tub.   A few days later, he crawled in.

Benny Looking out of Tub

I bathed him out on the lawn on Monday and found him here after his bath.  He’s confused.

Benny in Tub

I explained the tub was for bathing not after the bath.  But he’s just a dog who feels safe and cool in a tub.  And the old tub is rarely used by the humans in the household so a few more dog hairs won’t make a difference.

The OhMyGod Series, Episode 19

My cycling “Does This Happen to You?” moment this week is the ominous squeak in the tricycle.  I sprayed the back gears with lubricant the week before but the squeak persists.  I only wrapped the dog leash around the back wheel twice and I removed it promptly.  Well, the first time it took me about 15 minutes but only 5 minutes the last time.  Jack will be home next week and I will certainly get a lecture on destroying equipment.  To my credit, I didn’t destroy the first tricycle with the dog leash, he did that.  I did destroy two lawn mowers and damaged the second trike when I fell off it.  I recovered but the second trike is still a bit wonky.

Here is Episode 19 of the OhMyGod series, from the Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress,  Cycling adventures much funnier than mine.

Does This Happen to You? – After Just a Few Beers

Cinderella Cartoon

The OhMyGod Series, Episode 18

My “Does This Happen to You?” moment for this week came yesterday.   My part in a team building game for local accounting interns was to be dressed as a Nordic goddess and teach each team a song.  Standing around in South Lake Union park with horns on my head garnered only one question from one passerby out of the hundreds who gawked but said nothing.  She asked “Why are you dressed like that”, and then took my picture.

We continue with the Drunken Cyclist’s many moments with Episode 18 of the OhMyGod series.  His blog is right here on WordPress,

Does This Happen to You? – Your Old Bookcase will disappear if its Free

They will come if its free

The OhMyGod series, Episode 17

I recently visited my parents, who have cats.  My mother thought the cat was not in the house when the boys and I arrived.  She was wrong.  While in another room, I heard the boys yelp and scramble on the floor.  I ran into the living room just in time to see a cat flying out of the room in sheer terror.  The cat climbed on top of the freezer in the mud room, hiding, while the boys frantically searched for her.  I packed the boys outside and my mother retrieved the cat.

That is my Does This Happen to You moment this week – can your cat fly?

Its time for the mid week audio series.  We continue with OhMyGod, from the Drunken Cyclist, a blog right here on WordPress.