Why do so many people like beer that tastes like they dumped grapefruit in it?

I have this question about beer and grapefruit in my latest post. https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-42732/

Do You Know How Many Ducks it Takes to Stop a Bicyclist on the Trail?

Find out with my latest story on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-42436/

How Can You Be A Model with a Face Like This?

A tale about my latest adventure in modeling, a corporate photoshoot. Check it out on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-41732/.

A Doggedly Dramatic Summer Or How To Spend Lots of Time and Money on Your Pooch

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry this summer over JJ’s surgery, recovery, injury, and more recovery. We’re getting good at improvising wound protection. It’s on my Does This Happen to You channel on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-41179/.


I felt energized by writing and narrating an audiobook self-narration course for authors.

Listenable contacted me this summer. They liked my Through a Different Lens podcast and wanted me to write and narrate a course for them. So, I did.

Read about it along with other good news in my quarterly newsletter, https://mailchi.mp/595fcaddd9e2/i-felt-energized-by-writing-and-narrating-a-self-narration-course-for-authors.

When Tongue Twisters and Pronunciation Conundrums Send You Running for Cover

My latest adventure in my Does This Happen to You series on Channillo is ready for reading.

I’ve worked on a project for over 6 months now, narrating videos that teach math to kids. It’s fun and pronouncing rhombus is not a problem. The problem is sixths and lengths. Words that look so innocent and easy to say except they aren’t.

How To Survive Four COVID Tests and One Support Sock Demo all in One Week

My newest Does This Happen to You adventure is out on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-39384/. You can try it free for 30 days!

I’ve Been Negligent in my Postings

I have much to be grateful for in 2020. My business expanded and my partner and I have stayed in good health. My expanding business meant I somehow skipped posting my musings on Channillo here.

You can sign up for a free 30 days on Channillo, there are some wonderful series out here. Here are my Does This Happen to You adventures for the last half of 2020.

How to make Elderberry syrup and A Mess and Badass Squirrels.

The Countryside is Not a quiet place

Farm Alarn

I recently visited my mom and her neighbors’ own horses, goats, and chickens. It’s not a quiet place at night or in the early morning.

Discovering How to Maneuver Through No Contact Vet Visits and Tips to Outrun COVID-19 While Grocery Shopping

My newest Does This Happen to You story on Channillo, https://wordpress.com/post/doesthishappentoyou.wordpress.com/2665. Putting a smile on your pandemic face. No Contact Vet Visit