I wrote this about 3 years ago, never imagining applying it to myself.  Just to be clear, I haven’t resorted to shopping from the toilet.  I do confess to reading my emails.   Always one to use my time efficiently, it seemed like a good idea to utilize my hands being free and my tablet’s portability.

The new shopping place

The new shopping place

In 2012, I ran across an article that 18% of us shop while on the toilet.  An update in 2015 claims its now 26%.   Why? Smart phones and tablets make it convenient to shop anywhere and we spend more time researching our purchases.   It is efficient, a good way to use down time.  You really can’t do much else, except read.  Jack keeps a library in the bathroom.  He loves to shop, too but thank goodness he’s still just reading or playing tank battles on his iPad.  It’s a good thing as our house is already too full of his bargains.

Turns out 43% shop while in bed and 14% in the bath.   Personally, I love to luxuriate in the bath, and relax; if I could get a hot bath that is.  The old pipes in our old house combined with a DIY guy who installed one of the hot water on demand systems he got off eBay conspire to deny me a hot bath.  That means I’ll save a few bucks this holiday season.  Shopping while in a relaxed mood makes the merchandise look worth more than it is so you spend more money.  15% more according to the article in Today Money so remember, not shopping after your massage will save you a little chunk of change.  Shopping while bathing gets more expensive if you drop the tablet or smart phone, not to mention dangerous.

The holiday shopping season is upon us.   Please shop responsibly.  Remember to stop when your toes wrinkle or your foot falls asleep.


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  1. ksbeth says:

    and you may as well shop for a new phone while in the bath, for if it’s me, i’ll drop it in, in absolutely no time!

  2. Your blog was included in my review I just shared! You can find the link below!


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