There is an obesity epidemic.  In Siberia.  I do not imagine Siberia is a hopping place unless you are a mammoth hunter.  The reward for losing pounds is a lump of coal.  Coal is worth a nice sum of money in Siberia.  I’d use it to get the heck out of Siberia to someplace warm.

I lost weight due to Jack choosing to join a new gym.  I shoulder some of the blame as I found this particular gym while searching for choices close to home.   The gym offered once a month personal training and nutritional counseling.   Jack liked the idea of personal training.

Now I count calories, work with a personal trainer app and my pants no longer fit me.  Jack complains about the workouts as we’re doing them together and wears the same size pant.

I know, its weird talking about counting calories during Thanksgiving.  Its a pain in the ass but it works for me.  I don’t eat as much at Thanksgiving.  I did drink a bit much last night.  Its all good because I entered those calories ahead of time, wine and all.

Counting calories doesn’t stop me from imbibing wine, cheese and other addictive stuff.  I just imbibe in moderation, especially cheese.  I love cheese.


Yes, its addictive according to the latest scientific research.  I tried soy cheese once.  Once was all it took.  Never going there again.

I asked Santa for a gift certificate for a place which sells clothes.  I’m tired of walking around holding my pants up.



About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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