Snowmegaddon in Seattle Means Crab for Me, No Bananas For You

Snow Closure Sign

A story about Seattle’s February blizzard and the food people find comforting during a blizzard, on Channillo,

The Number of Words Required for Dead Rat Identification

Dead Rat

Follow along as I solve the mystery of this crime scene on my Channillo blog.

The Art of Dead Rat Identification

My Does This Happen to You moment of the week, involving rats. We have a bit of a rat problem where we live. Mild climate, lush urban landscapes, lots of food brings forth rats.

On the Does This Happen to You Youtube channel (warning – graphic dead rat pic), A Conversation about Rat ID

Spicy Conversations in the Checkout Line with the Cashier

Spicy Conversations

My latest blog about those little bumps in life, Does This Happen to You on Channillo.

Crappy Day

Smell in the Library

Remember that day in the library when you were in 5th grade?  Read and listen to this story, from my podcast, about that day,

The Half Life of Shadows


Are you a contemporary dark fantasy fiction fan or know someone who is? This post is a bit off my beaten path but Audible just reminded me I need to promote the books I narrate. Thoughtful of them although I do Tweet regularly about my latest narrations.

I narrated and produced this book for Lizella because I loved the story so much. I believe she’s a wonderful writer. A word of warning, her stories are a little on the dark side. They’re perfect for the dark contemporary fiction fan and I fall in this category as I have a dark side.

Here is the Amazon link, If you’d like to listen to the audio version, and review it, I have codes for free listening! Just put the free download request in comments and I’ll send the code your way.

Latest fashion for dog walking during summer wildfire season


With British Columbia and eastern Washington on fire, and the winds blowing our direction, we’re getting doused in smoke. Can’t wait for the winds to shift later today.

Peter Cottontail Steps Out

Peter Cottontail Steps Out

We have a bit of a bunny issue in the neighborhood,

Playing Hide and Seek With Plastics

Who knew plastics were so good at this game?

FitBit Photo

JJ and Kris Do Agility

JJ Graduates Agility 1.JPG

A Youtube story about dog and human agility class,