Mr. Compost or Why Your Dog Eats Smelly Stuff

My latest dog adventure in the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo

Mr Compost

Retail Befuddlement

Dirty Jean for money

Lingerie Wishes

Lingerie Model joke

Cirque du Napkins

Cirque du Napkins

Kids love the circus,

General Checks Out Early

Dog Hostel Critic

A giggle for your Monday,!/posts

Marshal this Scam

An appeal from a stranger, on the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo,


Marshal this Scam

Bundled Bat

New food additives in the news,

Bundled Bat

Crime and Befuddlement: The Collector

The latest in befuddled crime on Niume,!/posts.

Boobs on Clearance

Send carefully or strangers may rummage through more than your unwanted household items,


Boobs on Clearance

7 Witches and Umpteen Fishes

Accepting compliments for being a witch in my post this week on Channillo,

7 Witches and Umpteen fishes