Latest fashion for dog walking during summer wildfire season


With British Columbia and eastern Washington on fire, and the winds blowing our direction, we’re getting doused in smoke. Can’t wait for the winds to shift later today.

Peter Cottontail Steps Out

Peter Cottontail Steps Out

We have a bit of a bunny issue in the neighborhood,

Playing Hide and Seek With Plastics

Who knew plastics were so good at this game?

FitBit Photo

JJ and Kris Do Agility

JJ Graduates Agility 1.JPG

A Youtube story about dog and human agility class,

Saturday Night Grocery Store Hookup

A story from Ronan Takagi about grocery shopping adventures, including watery Pinot Noir and shopping while tipsy,  Saturday Night Supermarket Hijinks (800x800)

The Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper Fridge

A DIY Story slide show,

Rose and Rhododendren time

Yellow Rose

A little ditty about spring flowers and fragrance,

Three Things I Learned on a Writing Retreat

My latest YouTube video, based on my podcast,

Kris Keeps Cool at the Gym

The heat wave and lack of A/C inspired this snapshot yesterday, Air Conditioning

The Only Time of Year I like Pink

Trying my hand at photojournalism thanks to Snapshots on Medium,