Hash Eating Contest

Hash Eating Contest

More crime and befuddlement on the Must Go List this week, https://medium.com/things-that-must-go/hash-eating-contest-fd5aede34b53.

Parrotfish Do It

Parrotfish Do It

Gender bender, my latest Does This Happen to You? post on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-20702/

Doped Up Derreire

Doped Up Derriere

My newest contribution to the Must Go List on Medium, https://medium.com/things-that-must-go/doped-up-derriere-425f73c011a7

Smarter than An Orangutan

Animal smarts featured in my latest Does This Happen to You? post on Channillo,https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-20568/

Smarter than an Orangutan

A Tortoise Treatise

A slow short tale on my podcast this week, https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-m9y77-6a7652

It’s Prom Time

Skydiving prom night

Rocket Jive

Rocket Jive

News satire on the Must Go List, https://medium.com/things-that-must-go/rocket-jive-a889a9666d98

Moist Wiggly Nerdiness


Earthworm Dance Picture

Here is my ode to earthworms, in the Does This Happen to You? series on Channillo, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-20476/

7 Witches- Good Reviews

I’m one of the 7 Witches and Umpteen fisheswitches in this horror film, http://www.aintitcool.com/node/77731#6.  It’s getting good reviews on the horror film sites.  If you’re a horror film fan, this one is for you.

I enjoyed taking part in the making of this movie and that outfit kept me warm during the outdoor shots.  March in the Pacific Northwest is chilly and damp.

Crime and Befuddlement – Dopey Dealers


Dopey Dealers

You can’t make this stuff up, the latest in befuddled criminal behavior on the Must Go List, https://medium.com/things-that-must-go/dopey-dealers-a76a719f728c