And the stupid criminal of the week goes to the guy doing wheelies with his motorcycle in a parking lot. This attracted the police. He fled the scene at over 100 mph, running a stop sign.  This dude bragged about getting away on his Face book page, complete with hash tags.  He thought #everyonelovedit, but he was mistaken. Someone sent a copy of the page to the police.  The police responded swiftly #yourbusted#dumbass.

Then, there is the belle of the ball who robbed a bank, in NYC. This criminal figured prom dress and heels best attire for robbery at gunpoint. Black and silver gown complimented by tall black hat and sunglasses.  Accessories included matching silver handgun.  That’s a criminal with a real sense of style.

I just can’t help myself.  I keep responding to scammers.  This one involves getting your email address but I’m not sure how the scam progresses after that. Not willing to give out my email to find out. These popped up on the new beBee social site. One identified himself as a general, a female general. Really, a female general wants to get my email to “correspond”?  No, I don’t think so. Where do they come up with this stuff?

One of the effects of magic mushrooms is kidnapping alligators.  A dude in Florida busted for magic mushroom picking in a state wildlife sanctuary piled on a few more charges by picking up an alligator.  The 2 foot long alligator released back into the wild, but his kidnaper will not be released any time soon.

Need to pack your funeral with people, just invite strippers to dance on your casket.  A well attended funeral is a status symbol in China so the dead are inviting the barely clad to put on a show. While the dearly departed are smiling, their relatives are not and neither are Chinese authorities.

Malacca gang attacks postman near army camp, stealing secret documents. Armed with only their hands, the gang overpowered the postman, wresting the satchel from him. Before police arrived, the gang took to the trees, carrying the satchel with them.  Monkeys are illiterate so the secrets will not get out. However, retrieving them will not be easy. The gang does not respond to drop it and put your hands in the air.


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  1. ksbeth says:

    re: the strippers – ‘easy come, easy go?’

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