Small town in South Carolina bans saggy pants so your underwear costs more if you show it. Timmonsville council passed the ordinance which includes fines up to $600.  Ordinance not expected to bring in lots of revenue.  It’s expected to keep the town well-groomed and encourage the youth to graduate college as accountants.  Council obviously not considering the future of fashion as saggy pants with your undies showing will be standard attire in the year 2116. And they will need to repeal the ordinance in 100 years.

Man seeking courtship in Pennsylvania shows up at his neighbor’s door naked.  Apparently, his version of courtship is showing up ready to go, tools in hand.  His neighbor rejected his tools outright, calling them ancient. Police also rejected his tools, requesting he pull on some pants before they hauled him off to jail.

Conservative Christian pastor claims Pokemon is a cyber demon.  A new species of orchid discovered in Colombia displays the face of the devil according to botanists.  Satan says he likes all this attention but its way off base. He enjoys Pokemon like everyone else but no way could he conjure up demons like that. As for the orchid, Satan says he looks nothing like the stamen crown in the middle of the orchid.  He’s no idea what that Dante dude tripped out on but his appearance isn’t even close to those pictures Dante imagined.

Wild boar arrives on Polish beach after a nice swim and discovers a bunch of primates parking their asses’ in his space. Infuriated, he attempts to chase them away. A wild scuffle ensues and a few cuts and bruises later, the boar relinquishes his beach. But not before a few unkind grunts about the pasty skinned furless beasts and their hoggish habits.

Yes, I talked to scammers again this week. I am a glutton for punishment. They showed up on this new social network, beBee, with legit looking profiles. The first set used Japanese businessmen profiles. When I connected, the message received screamed scam.  “We want you to do accounts receivable for our company in the US,” which is scam language for “we need your bank account numbers in order for you to do this.” I never replied. The second acted as if beBee is a dating site and he wanted to score.  He asked me if I was married with kids. Oh and he called me “dear”, a favorite scammer word. I hate to be called dear and told him so. Then, the scam spews forth. “I just want to speak about business investment and I’m a high caliber man,”which is scam again for can I have your bank account numbers. The dating aspect is an interesting twist, I must admit.


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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  1. ksbeth says:

    those pasty skinned furless beasts are always in the way )

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