2 pounds of marijuana sent to Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia.  In other news, Jose Mota in Los Angeles, California complained to local post office about a missing package.   Package supposed to go to Carver, Florida.  Jose, who claims his business is shipping gourmet herbs, says he gave the package to his niece Mary Jane, with specific instructions.  Jose admits his niece is a bit laid back and occasionally forgets the details.   So, he will forgive the USPS this time and use a courier service to ship next time.

Pamela and Brigitte are causing major excitement in Tunisia this week.   The best players of Bagra are pulling out all the stops for these two ladies.   The guys are using all their cow herding skills to top the charts.  The winner this week received Pamela as the prize and next week’s top cow herder will be awarded Brigitte.  As this moment, Pamela is being loaded up for the trip to her new home.  She balked at getting in the trailer at first but a little hay in front of her nose convinced her to walk all the way in.  Yes, in Tunisia, the best Bagra player gets a real live cow.

The latest upscale home buyer conversation goes like this: “Did you see the latest home for sale video, dear?  Yes, I did.  I liked the view from the hot tub and the stone fireplace.  But the guy dressed up as a panda working out on the Stairmaster was a bit creepy.”  It’s true, an upscale realtor hoping to get a bit more money for a luxury home convinced the owner to don a panda suit for the video.  Unless you’re a loaded furry fancier, I don’t think this gimmick is going to work.

Your Grandma likes to drive fast.  Police in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada caught a 78 year old going 140 km/ hour in a 70km/hr zone.  Charged with stunt driving, her license seized and her car impounded for 7 days, she is a bit upset.  When asked why she was going so fast, the grandmother claimed she was late for bingo.  Her hearing isn’t what it used to be and you can’t get a good seat near the front if you’re late.

Babysitter in Colorado found a new use for the kids and a way to make really good money babysitting.   Go to the bank drive through window and pass a note to the teller saying there is a man in the car who is threatening to hurt the kids unless he gets money.  Works every time, until you drive away and the police investigate.   When asked about the “mean man” in the car, the kids responded what man?


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    ah, the old bingo defense!!

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