After my teeth cleaning at the dentist, I unpacked my dental goody bag at home.  Toothbrush, still in wrapper, goes in donation pile.  I only use an electric brush.  Toothpaste, floss, and picks go in the travel kit.  I’m always packed to go.   At the bottom of the bag is a paper cylinder in bright orange, fit in a paper sleeve.  I’m mystified.  Its numbered to 36 and each number is followed by smarmy sentences, like A Secret can be okay and You’re habit forming and pizza.  Well, pizza isn’t a sentence but you get the idea.

What a weird thing to receive from your dentist.  My dentist is a pretty fun guy, as the ceiling decoration in the hygienist area is a buxom woman hanging off a ladder from a helicopter holding a puppy.  I don’t get it but it’s interesting to gaze at while your teeth are being scoured and polished.

I haul the object downstairs to Jack to ask him if he knows what it is.  He does.  It’s a range wheel.

A what?

A range wheel.


A decision wheel to help you decide what you want to do, only this is more of a toy.

Oh.  Well, yeah, the phrase “You’re habit forming”, is not a helpful answer.  Pizza is if you can’t decide between sushi and pizza.

I understand now, sort of.  Hauling the device back upstairs, I search for Decision Wheel on the Internet.  Ah, now it makes sense.  Not the gift but the nature of the device.  Decision wheels are an app, for deciding by spinning the wheel.  My gift doesn’t spin; you push the top along with your finger, no random spin at all.

In iTunes and Google Play store, Decision Wheels are classified as entertainment apps.  I’m not entertained by my gift but find the search for the object’s true identity vaguely amusing.  I count myself lucky, most of the goody bag is useful and not freaky.  My mother’s dentist gave her a goody bag with shampoo, hand lotion and mouth wash.  That is a little peculiar.


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  1. ksbeth says:

    that is so funny in a very odd way.

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