The dog walker carefully bags their dog’s little gift in a green bag and then drops it discreetly in the bushes.  This stealth bag and drop dog walker is the star of our new neighborhood social app, with 30 some replies to the subject “whoever is leaving dog poo around in green bags”.   The app is like a combination of Facebook and Craigs List for the neighborhood. You get to know your neighbors, the local police and what’s happening in your neighborhood.  The big topics are crime, crime prevention and at this moment, dog poo.

The app works well for tracking the latest car prowls and crazy homeless guy who turns on outside water faucets.  But not as well for poo.  We’re unable to nab the bag and drop dog walker.  Much less explain why they bother to bag and then discard the evidence.  Such behavior is anti-social according to some in the neighborhood and others find it nonsensical.  Apparently the bag and drop culprits like the texture but not the odor of their dog’s little gifts.  They scoop it up but leave it on the sidewalk, the lawn or under a bush.

We do have the other sort too.  The “leave it where it drops and don’t touch it” which includes the sidewalk.  You’d expect more of this other sort, but its about even.  The “leave the mess” dog walkers used to frequent our yard until Jack installed a squatting metal dog with an big No emblazoned on it in the yard.  This worked but upset our neighbors.   One left a note by the metal dog intimating our slightly messy front lawn deserved to be pooped on.

Now, I have seen metal signs in other lawns as I walk our dogs which say “No dogs” or the like.  I consider analyzing the lawn mess to dog mess ratio to determine if I leave the boys walk on the lawn(or do anything else).  I’m not up to the proportional analysis, its too subjective.  I opt to just enjoy walking the boys.  When I see those full little green bags, I do not stoop to pick them up, I’m not dealing with other people’s shit.

Bag of Shit


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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  1. Ahhhh is this true or just a funny post? That’s so crazy that someone is leaving bags of poo around the neighborhood! If they get caught they’re going to have some seriously pissed off neighbors! Ok, while I feel like this must be really annoying to have happen to you, I can’t help but laugh at the post! Also love the title!

  2. kriskkaria says:

    Its very nonsensical.

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