The director wants us in costume and make up but there is no definite call time for on set.  Its sunny and almost 80 outside.  We’re on Marrowstone Island only yards from the beach and there is no A/C.

I figure I can just put the under blouse on top and keep my shorts on.  Then I discover I forgot the under blouse is sheer, like see-thru sheer.  There are kids on set so I can’t walk around in just the under blouse.  That means I need to add the jacket but I keep the shorts.

Sklar on Top

I’m keeping pretty cool which is good because I don’t get called on to set until almost 4pm, about 4 hours later.  We have not gotten into these costumes since March and accessories are mixed together.  Panic sets in and gloves and scarves fly as we hunt through the accessory box for our correct accouterments.   I could swear I was wearing a scarf but I can’t remember for sure.  I decide on the scarf and locate the gloves.  I slip on my garden boots and clump down to the beach, holding up my long skirts so I don’t trip.

Anne in Full costume at the beach ready to drown someone

The first scene is close ups of the water stunt.  I wade out into the water, which is wonderfully cool.  I discover I need to wade deeper and water pours into my boots which is nicely cold.  My victim, the diver/stuntman, flails about the water and splashes me in the face.   I don’t want to smudge my makeup so its drip dry.   The gore scene is next.  We watch in fascination as they bury Ben up to his chest in sand.  The skeletons and life like head made from a face cast are set up and lavishly splashed with fake blood.  The director hands me a shin bone and fake blood runs down my hand.  Yuck, I’m sticky.  Filming begins and I pry at the shin bone, watching as the actress and the stunt double fight.  The last scene is completed in darkness, a possible change in the film ending.

We’re wrapped and I head to club house to change.  I walk over to my street clothes, look behind me and realize my skirt is still soaked.  I’m mopping the floor, cutting a large swath of dampness where ever I go in the clubhouse.  Thank goodness no one slips.   I pry off my soaked boots, put on my sandals and we’re ready to head to the ferry, the last one for the night.

I left the house at 7am and I’m getting home at 12pm.  I enjoyed every minute of it.


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  1. ksbeth says:

    this is fabulous. the gore, the water, the outfits, the fun.

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