Kris Keppeler and her dogs, JJ and Benny reported 2 walk-by clawing incidents this week in their neighborhood.

Kris reported the first occurred early in the week.  She and her boys travel the street often on their early morning walks.  On the morning of the incident, the perpetrator, a long hair, yellow eyed black cat sat on the rockery outside its home.  This cat reportedly growls every time the boys walk by.  Due to the rockery only being a few feet off the sidewalk, the boys eagerly stepped forward to greet the cat.  Outraged, the cat leapt from its perch on the rockery into the boys’ faces, hissing and batting.  No one was injured in the resulting scuffle but the cat stalked the threesome down the sidewalk for a ways.

The second incident occurred late in the week.   As Kris and the boys trotted by the corner house, the white and black cat arched its back.  The boys insisted on stopping to get a closer look.  All three were stunned when the cat hurled itself across the lawn at them.  Sliding underneath JJ and Benny, the cat batted in silence.  As quickly as it attacked, the cat retreated to the bushes near the driveway.   The concerned homeowner emerged but Kris assured her no one was hurt.  Turns out this perpetrator is well known in the neighborhood for walk-by incidents, the latest crime being chasing a little boy and his dog down the sidewalk for half a block.  One tough cookie, this cat once bested a German Sheppard.

When approached for comment on these incidents, Benny jumped up and exclaimed, awesome!  Just awesome!   JJ rolled his eyes at Benny and challenged any cat to try that again anytime soon.  He is ready.

Walk by Clawing Poster


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