Watching an episode of The Fashion Police prompted a little satire from me.  Here is the latest Does This Happen to You fashion news.


Matilda Smartluk announced today she’s fed up with being over 50 and relegated to frumpyness.   Matilda says she adores Madonna and always has.  When the Fashion Police dissed Madonna as being too old to wear her cheer leader costume, Matilda decided to do something about it.

Matilda is an entrepreneur and jewelry designer.  She says her jewelry line, Sparkly Smartluk, is popular with all ages of women.  She is launching her own clothing line, Smartluk 50.  The line is specially for the over 50 woman tired of being told her jeans are too tight and her eyeliner is too dark.

Her clothing line will feature such essentials as NM(non mom) jeans with a slightly higher waist, but nice tight fit, and SSK (show some skin) no wrinkle tees in soft pastel colors.  Matilda says no need to worry about your jeans falling off or doing any ironing.

Leather will figure prominently according to Matilda.  “We will have the short fitted jockey jacket for those over 50 ladies who have it and want to flaunt it.  But our line will include a thigh length coat for those who like to cover up a bit more but not look like their grandma”.

Matilda plans a line of shoes to accompany her clothing line, Smartluk Happy Feet.  The line will include SBNP (spiked but not painful) heels and NYG(not your grandma’s) loafers.

The launch is planned for fall 2015.

I wear what I want

Picture courtesy of Morgue file free Photo gallery.


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4 responses »

  1. mihrank says:

    always – always – you have fun energy!

  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    A few years ago I met a ‘friend’ while walking into the grocery store. She asked me if I was wearing one of my daughter’s pants. No, I was not. They were my very own cargo pants. I gave them to my youngest daughter and never wore them again. Now I wish I had them back!

  3. kriskkaria says:

    Oh no! Sounds like you really liked those pants. Isn’t it annoying that you can’t be fashionable after a certain age?

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