Its time for an Oz update.  We have a diva in our midst, what I call a primadonna.  Only its a guy so does that make him a Prima Don?  Our diva possesses a spectacular voice so we just gloss over his lesser qualities.  He’s a smart ass, he disappears without warning when we need him in a scene, and he won’t sing any chorus parts.

We open Oct. 31 and they just handed out the Act 2 script.  Yikes!  Luckily, I have almost no stage time in Act 2, only an off stage line or two.  This is good because I just received a major duet last week to learn.  I don’t have all my lines memorized yet much less have all my vocal numbers learned note for note.

Last night at rehearsal the director discovered he was missing minions for the Wicked Witch of the West.  Our women’s chorus consists of one mezzo soprano and even she has a few small character parts to fulfill.  Really, we have no women’s chorus.   We only have 3 men’s chorus members.  The show needs a cast of 20 and we are only 13.  Four waves of attack minions  are required and that math does not work out.  I won’t be sitting around for all of Act 2 now, I will be an attack minion.  I believe this is my first minion role which I will fill with gusto.

Will we be ready to open Oct. 31?  Its going to be a nail biter.


The Witch Arrives Soon

The Witch Arrives Soon


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

7 responses »

  1. ksbeth says:

    so fun and dramatic. i love the behind the scenes mayhem. enjoy being a minion too, i would love that – )

  2. mihrank says:

    great update – you always have hidden surprises!

  3. skinnyuz2b says:

    Kris, I love the new term Prima Donny!
    I once played an escaped mental patient in a college production. My costume was a white hospital gown.
    Although you’ll make a great witchy-poo, I know you’ll also become the most miniony minion ever.

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