I survived the first week of rehearsals.  I was almost comatose today but still breathing.  Only a few people show up for the rehearsals so getting this show on the road is not a sure thing.

We have one bass, one tenor, one guy who sings in the ensemble when he feels like it, a couple altos, a few mezzo sopranos and me.  I’m the one squeaking out the high notes.  I’m also the oldest cast member.  The tale is your voice gets lower as you age.  It ain’t happening…..well, maybe a little.  I have fewer high notes I don’t need now than in the past.

I spent some time with “recit” improv again this week.  The composer dropped by and liked it.  I really enjoy creating music where there are only words.  “Glinda” looked worried when they asked for help on “recit”.  When everyone left the room she whispered to me, “what’s a recit?”.  I did an in depth over view.  She caught on real quick, so my explanation was better than I thought.  She likened it to the stuff from “Sweeney Todd”.  Yeah, that’s the ticket, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ0eMeJbg30, the music starts and they continue talking, on a pitch.

Yesterday, we received copies of a new song.  The music director claimed she put luscious G’s in it.  Indeed she did, lots and lots of them in a row.  Then, my G’s got a little too luscious and deflated but I inflated them again.  Its just fun shrieking high notes, one after the other.  I like it.  And then she added an A.  She looked at me and said, “Can you sing an A?”.  Of course!  I can shriek even higher, no problem!

We need more cast.  Anyone sing and want to travel the yellow brick road?


The Witch Arrives Soon

The Witch Arrives Soon


About kriskkaria

Hi, I'm Kris. A narrator, actor, voice actor, and writer. I've impersonated a cat, a prince, a princess, a witch, a madwoman, and a president with my voice and narrated/produced over 40 audiobooks. I narrate and produce an award-winning weekly storytelling podcast showcasing stories from fantastic writers. Visit my IMDB page for stage and screen credits.

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  1. ksbeth says:

    sounds like a crazy adventure, right up my alley. alas, i have no voice for singing, though luckily my audience, has no idea about that, and i belt it out daily with them –

  2. My dream come true! I could fa-la-la-la! All the way down the yellow brick road. If only I could sing.

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