Henry is working up his most challenging game yet.  He buys a blue stocking cap with a bright pink pom-pom on the top at Wal-Mart.  Walking through the neighborhood, he sticks the cap in the guide wire of a utility pole.  Please with himself, he smiles, “This will get those M worlder’s panties in a twist.”

A few light years later, on a brilliant pink space ship shaped like a CD with a Viking helmet on top, Monica studies their current course, map and instructions. “It says turn right at the red dwarf called Centauri and hit the gas.  Count off 4.2 light years and find a blue planet.  This is one of the hardest Cosmos game’s Henry’s put forth yet.  How much is it worth?”

Maria replies, “Its 1000 energy credits just to finish.  We earn 9000 if we finish first.”

Monica calculates, “Hmmm, ok, just finishing gets us to Andromeda.  This last one is really hard.  Marsha and Megan trounced us at the last neutron star and they’ve got a light year head start. “

Maria grimaces, “Quitter.  We have an edge with this last object.  I know what a pom-pom is.”

Monica looks mystified, “a what?”

“Never mind, we’re coming up on 4 light years.  Slow down a bit.  We don’t want to over shoot it.”

Monica and Maria are from the M world.  M world is wild about treasure hunts.  Since they’re aliens with really fast space ships, their Cosmos game spans numerous galaxies and the stuff in between.

“I see it, I see it! And I don’t see Marsha or Megan”, yells Monica.

“Calm down.  We need to find the pink pom-pom located near the northern tip of the planet.  Pom-poms are used to decorate the inhabitant’s heads, according to the lore”, says Maria.

Maria stares intently at the blue planet.  Monica wonders why any species finds headdresses stylish.


Maria screams, “I see it, the pink pom-pom!  We’re gonna win!  Take us in!”   Maria grabs the blue stocking cap with the bright pink pom-pom from the utility pole guide wire and transports back to their ship via dimensional shift.  Maria dances around the ship with the hat.  Monica decides the species on this blue planet to be definitely unstylish.

The celebration is short as Marsha and Megan’s brilliant orange ship comes into view.  Maria and Monica step on it and beat a path home to the M world to claim their 9000 energy credits.

This story is inspired by KS Beth, http://ididnthavemyglasseson.com/.   Thank you for the fun comment which led to this alien story.


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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  1. ksbeth says:

    thanks for taking it and running with it, kris. see you’ve cleared it all up and explained it away, the mystery is solved.

  2. The mysterious pink pom pom! This story takes me back to pom pom socks, back in the seventies. It’s a mystery why they don’t make those anymore. 🙂

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