More stories from the road for the last summer holiday.

The cop pulled my friend Deborah over.  Deborah politely handed her license and registration over, apologizing for going over the speed limit.  The cop admitted surprise at her admission of guilt.  He wrote her a ticket and then said, “You know, most speedometers are out of calibration.  If you go have your speedometer calibrated and verified fixed, it’s only a moving violation, not a speeding ticket.”  Deborah asked, “Are you telling me how to get out of this ticket?”  To which the cop replied, “Yes”.  Deborah thanked him and they parted ways.  Deborah’s car’s speedometer did indeed need calibration.  She brought the certification to traffic court and the speeding ticket promptly reduced to a moving violation.  Be nice to your local traffic cop.  It may save you money.

Car charade stories from my favorite bloggers.

Oh yeah, we’re hot! -From

A car with two hot guys followed my girlfriend and me as we drove to a play downtown. We thought we were looking so hot, they could not resist us, and as they drove next to us, they were saying something. I rolled down my window and they said, ‘your belt is dragging in the slush!’  It seems the long belt from my raincoat was closed in the door and had been outside of the car for miles. I smiled and rolled up my window, our egos put back in.

Shut up and move! -From

I was the second car at a red light, behind a sports car with a woman on a cell phone (illegal in NY). She didn’t notice the light changed to green, so after a few seconds I did a quick beep to alert her. She gave me the finger in her review mirror, and sat through the light. Not satisfied, she sat through the next light, too. Needless to say, all the other cars behind me were beeping like crazy.

The car passed me by on the right yesterday, a big pink mustache adorning its grill.  Yes, the newest accouterments for your car is a mustache. First they were wreaths on the grill, then Rudolf’s red nose and antlers and now this.  Why a mustache?  The website says “because it’s fun and makes people smile”.  I love my car, but you won’t catch either of us wearing a mustache.



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  1. Lafemmeroar says:

    I love it! Being nice certainly has its PERKS. Tweeting this now 🙂 And thank you for having the CCC badge on your site … I would love it if you became a member 🙂

  2. skinnyuz2b says:

    Have you ever seen the trucks with those dangling balls? Pretty graphic.

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