Welcome to Does This Happen to You where we explore the more bizarre and unusual elements of getting through your day.  I always appreciate your comments.  I’d love to hear stories about your day.

The boys, JJ and Benny, and I took a road trip for the 4th of July to see my parents.  This requires negotiating two mountain passes.   The passes are bare and dry this time of year so the first pass proved uneventful.  On our way to the second pass, an oncoming truck blinks its lights twice.  Ok, what code is this I need to decipher?  The truck turns on to another road and I keep my eyes peeled for deer or an accident.   I drive on a few miles and nothing.  What the heck was the headlight flashing about then?

You know me; I have to look up a conundrum like this on the Internet.  High beam headlight flashing is actually illegal in Washington.  In Tennessee, if you do it to warn others of a police car ahead, it’s protected under the First Amendment, so I’m happy I don’t live in Tennessee.  In any state, the flasher may be warning you about a police car up head, or letting you know you have a car problem or warning about a deer on the road or just being a pain in the ass.  There is no way to tell according to Wikipedia so stop flashing me.

The next pass is higher and filled with curves.  More curves than straight lines.  I groan, as I come up on two semis, a Ford 150 and a U-Haul as we wind our way to the top.  At the first short passing lane, we all haul ass around the first semi and I manage to make it around the U-Haul, too.  On the long pull to the top, it’s two lanes and fairly straight, so I floor it, racing past the Ford and last semi.   On the long, very curvy, way to the bottom of the pass, I fly along.  Then, ahead, I notice an SUV crawling along the curves.  Stuck again, I bide my time.  The road straightens a bit; the other side of the road is now a double lane and the yellow line says it’s safe to pass.  I give my Audi some gas and we roar around the SUV.  Ah, nothing like my Audi, a 3.0, it gets up and it’s gone.  Just then, a BMW with a racing stripe flies by, taking the far left lane due to no oncoming traffic and the fact he’s doing about 90.   He’s gone in a flash and so is my driving pride.



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Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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  1. skinnyuz2b says:

    My most humiliating driving experience was late one night when my friend and I hit a guardrail on an icy road. It knocked my headlights out. To let oncoming traffic know I was on the road we had to turn on the inside lights. This was extremely embarrassing for two single young girls. What if cute guys drove past us? My friend ducked down in her seat and I squished down so I could barely see over the dashboard.

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