Do you ever go to the grocery store for a “couple things” and end up with lots more?

All I need is Flour as told by Eileen Paul

I remembered I need to bake something to take to work for a March of Dimes Fundraising bake sale. It was already 745 PM, but I knew I had chocolate chips so I thought I will just make cookies. I went to the kitchen and began prepping ingredients – no flour. Well, that sort of makes baking “hard” so I decided to run to the store and buy “just flour” and $78 later I got home with a steak, and shrimp since they were on sale, Breath Right Strips for my husband, Tylenol arthritis for me and Greek Yogurt I forgot I was out of and something else… and still had to make cookies. I just felt really good about remembering to get the flour.

Produce aisles are usually stocked with standard stuff. Such as carrots, celery, fruit and the like, not live animals, except the Safeway grocery near Shane.

The Pigeon in Produce as told by Shane Regan

I was just in Safeway and noticed there was a pigeon in the produce aisle, eating the sweet potatoes. I thought “what are you doing pigeon??? You are not a human you should not be in a grocery store!”  At first, I just walked past. Then I thought perhaps it is lost and/or finished eating so I went up and just picked it up. The pigeon struggled a little but was probably too carbo-loaded to fight.
A shopping basket still on my arm, I slowly walked toward the entrance with a pigeon in my hands. I stopped by the manager partially to show off and partially to make sure I wouldn’t be arrested for taking my basket past the front door. Once outside I let pigeon go and he flew off. I realized that was a kind of a weird experience.
Only a few employees saw me so it was pretty funny to hear the murmurs. “Did you hear? Someone got the bird! He just went up to it and picked it up!”


I had no idea pigeons liked sweet potatoes.  Have you experienced any “does this happen to you” moments in the grocery store lately?  Are the employees at your local grocery afraid of pigeons?


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  1. ksbeth says:

    yes, and i generally end up coming home with a bevy of random items and without the one thing i originally set out to get. i believe this to be some sort of universal other-worldly phenomena. now if i can just come up with an idea for what to do with my box of 500 santa themed ziplocs that were on sale and i couldn’t resist. guess i could put the leftover shortcakes in them if i had remembered to buy the sugar to make them.

  2. kriskkaria says:

    Santa themed ziplocs, wow, never seen those. That adds up to a lot of Christmas cookies to stash!

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