My car stranded me for the second time.  On a hill, in a line of cars, the clutch shattered.  Well, it actually exploded after I managed to man handle it up the rest of the hill and on to the flat street.  I love my Audi but it’s got 100k+ miles.  My Nissan’s never stranded me.  Well, to be honest, they threatened to more than once but I babied them into safe harbor.  It also never took a week to fix the Nissan’s.

According to a well known insurance company, the top car troubles are tire blow out, engine overheating, striking an animal and unintended acceleration.  So, it seems my exploding clutch is a bit unusual.

A continued search on the Internet, brought up a book, Car Troubles (Transport and Society).  This seemed promising until I located the synopsis.  It read “this book’s central premise is that the car as the dominant mode of travel needs to be problematised”.   There is a discount for college students on this book.  I immediately felt sorry for them and also happy I’m not a college student.

Finally, I found specifics on clutch problems.  Except for my clutch never slipped, grabbed, chattered or chirped.  It just suddenly shattered and since most clutches don’t last much over 100,000 miles, its demise was overdue.  Now, I wonder what other bits of my car are due to die.  I better start researching.


Smokin Car
How about you?


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