It’s disturbing news on the wine blog.   Prices are up if you want an exciting, unique wine.  It’s now $15- $20.  No more pleasant surprises under $10.

I’m a wine snob, a bargain basement one.  I prowl the isles for $5 – $8 surprises, nicely drinkable stuff.  I decided to put this news to the test.  Since its summer, I began with Rose wine, real rose, not white merlot or the like.  Remember, I’m still a wine snob.  I picked up a Portuguese rose at Trader Joe’s for $5.  The results are very impressive; everyone at the table loved it.  Next, I picked up a recommended California rose at $10.  The results are not so impressive.  The wine impressed no one at the table and failed to measure up to the cheaper Portuguese, for our tastes.

Now, I’m on to testing this theory with red wine.  We already drank the best bargain I’ve ever found.  The grocery stores in this area, like Safeway and Albertson’s have discount shelves.  I walked up to the shelf one evening, and discovered a lone bottle of old vine Zinfandel.  The label indicated the bottle originally sold for $24 but marked down to $8.  Yes, $8.  Curious, I opened it a few weeks later.  Hey, it’d been sitting for awhile in not the best conditions.  Wow!  The wine tasted like a $24 bottle, subtle nuances, and flavors.  Sorry, I didn’t break it down into coffee or berry or whatever nuances like wine blogs do.  I’m a snob but not a good critic.

I opened the value red I purchased at the local wine store, a Bordeaux Superieur.  I didn’t open it early enough, it needed to breathe longer.    I liked it but no really subtle nuances, maybe just a hint.  The jury is still out on reds.  It’s going to require more sampling.

As for rose and white wine, I’ll take my chances with the $5-$8 stuff.  There may be a gem to be had.

Like wine?  I’d love to hear about your favorites.


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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