Horses that is.  My grandfather bought me a pony when I turned 3.  My mother is horse crazy still at 80+.  Queenie, my pinto pony and I spent hours together.  If we parted, my parents just stuck me back on.  I’m an expert at exiting a horse’s back, saddle or not.

The size of horse I preferred grew as I grew up.  By the time I reached 27, my horse reached 17 hands or 5’ 6 inches tall.

What brings on my horsey nostalgia?  The Olympic Games.  I used to event my big horses.  Not at Olympic level but hey it’s a tough sport even at the lowest levels.  You gallop 1-2 miles jumping over unique obstacles.  I jumped my horse over an overturned rowboat, into and out of a pond and over a low hanging branch (still attached to the tree).  I remember my coach’s advice to this day about the pond.  “If you don’t want to take a dip, grab the mane because your horse will jump out of water before you expect”.

I almost rode over a fence similar to Olympic size by accident.  Our training exercise consisted of galloping down a hill, turning left at the bottom of the hill and jumping a 3 ft brush fence.  However, if you didn’t turn left, in about 50 ft. there was a monster wooden in and out with a 3 ft drop after the out.  In order to stay in control on the way down the hill, you shove your feet forward.  Well, being a newbie, I forgot and my feet went the opposite direction.  My horse blasted full bore down the hill, heading straight for that in and out.  Near the bottom of the hill I finally pushed my feet forward and gathered enough control to make the left turn.

Do I get to see any of this kind of excitement at the Olympic Games?  Not unless I’m there.  The equestrian events aren’t popular with Americans, so I don’t get to see any of it.  Not even when Princess Anne’s daughter gets a silver medal.

Do you have a favorite Olympic sport not considered popular by the media so you never see it on TV?


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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