At the NYC conference center, I search for the ladies room.  The closest one has 4 stalls, it’s tiny.  Everyone is in a meeting and its early, 9am, so I walk right in.  However, at 10:05 am, all the attendees are out on break and the line extends out the door.  I locate another ladies room just around the corner from the other one.  There is still a line out the door.  It’s another tiny bathroom with 4 stalls.   While standing in line, we discuss why a conference center so large, it takes up 4 city blocks, only has such tiny ladies rooms.

One says its poor planning which all agree with.  Another remarks the center needs more ladies rooms like McCaw Hall, the opera house, in Seattle.  She heard they simply put in more ladies rooms there.  I’ve experienced the large, spacious ladies rooms at McCaw.  I can’t say there are more of them though, but they service a lot more ladies a lot quicker than the ones here.

Another says she attended a conference in another city who converted some of the men’s rooms into ladies rooms because the conference was mostly female.  They covered the urinals with sheets and arranged potted plants in them.  Everyone thought about that one for a bit, trying to picture it.

I didn’t have easy access to the ladies room again until after 6pm.  I never noticed a line at the men’s room but don’t mean there wasn’t one.  At a recent SIFF premiere of locally made films, my friend and I ducked into the ladies room or rather we got in line.  Another male actor we know followed us, heading for the men’s room.  He said cheerily, “There’s no line for the men’s room”, and opened the door.  As he disappeared through the door, he admitted there was a line; it just didn’t extend out the door.   Maybe the men are good at hiding their lines to save face.  What do you think?


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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