All the sudden, traffic stopped up ahead jeopardizing my ability to slide through the green light.  No cars moved through the intersection, afraid to get caught in the middle when the light changed.

Since its one of the busiest intersections in Bellevue, with a hospital kitty corner to a Whole Foods and a hotel across the street, cars piled up quickly.  Up ahead through the intersection, a car seems to desire to turn into Whole Foods lot across two lanes of traffic.  I think that’s causing the traffic mess which pisses me off.

The car ahead of me creeps through the intersection and I dash across too.  As I creep up the slight rise, I see a police car.  At first I think it’s an accident then I see the policeman chasing a goose and her goslings across the road.  He’s stopping traffic to move the family across 5 lanes.  It’s a goose jam.  The family of geese is pissed, waddling furiously.  The goslings are half the size of mother goose but still down covered, obviously not ready to fly yet.  They’re heading for Lake Bellevue, a joke of a name.  It’s really a large pond just a quarter mile from the Whole Foods.

This is my first goose jam but according to my Internet search animal jams occur regularly.  Some of the culprits are the usual; deer, moose and other wildlife.  Some are dogs, a lab, a Pomeranian and a poodle and one was a pot bellied pig with a scarf.   The dogs got caught but the pig never did.  The most unusual involved two. A cow and a bull having “relations” on the road in Pennsylvania held up traffic for an hour or two.  The bull refused to be interrupted.  The situation escalated when the state patrol insisted he stop.   The farm bureau was called in and finally “coaxed” the bovines off the road.  So, if you have wayward bovines, it’s nice to know you can call the farm bureau for help.

Do you have any animal jam stories?  I’d love to read them.


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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  1. kinetikat says:

    “Goose Jam” sounded promisingly like a recipe, but no! Nature cuts across the self-absorbed urban machine without a thought, and it’s always kind of heart-warming to see people taking time and trouble to get wayward beasties (and birds) across busy roads. I loved the story about the bovines having ‘relations’ in the road for a couple of hours – man, those guys must have some stamina! Especially liked the bit about the state patrol insisting the bull stop what he was doing… yeah, good luck with that, fellas! LOL

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