Jack and I are not sports fans, in the traditional sense.  I watch horse sports like eventing and jumping when they’re on which is not often.  Jack really doesn’t like to watch any sports.

We ate dinner at the RAM Sports bar the other night.  There are many big screen TV’s in the restaurant, all tuned to a different sport.  The screen closest to us showed a bike race but there was no caption so we didn’t know where.  Well it looked like California but we couldn’t be sure.

We watched as fans dressed in bike gear ran along with the racers, often yelling at them.  Then, a guy in scrubs and stethoscope ran along with the racers for several feet.  Soon, two guys in sumo wrestler suits started running along side the racers, but they didn’t make it far.  You can’t run very fast in a fat suit.  A guy with a flag and ram horns on his head ran in front of the racers for quite a bit.  The person in the what looked like a slurpee costume couldn’t keep up at all, just sort of trotted along behind.  It was like watching a reality show, but better.  The finish line finally appeared and we discovered we’d watched phase 7 of the Tour of California.  Like the Tour de France only set in California.

I decided to find out if Tour De France fans liked to watch in unusual costumes.  Turns out they do, I found pictures of a guy dressed as a devil, a guy in a bee suit, a guy in a toga, a guy in a snorkel mask, a group of lady bugs, and a few costumes I had no clue as to what they represented.

I don’t understand why anyone watches a bike race dressed in a toga.  If you know, please email me.

I challenged my friends who are sports fans to come up with stories to top these.  Marco told me while running a half marathon another runner stepped on his shoe and it came off.   So he took off his other shoe and ran the rest of the race without shoes.  Sounds painful to me.

Do you have any sports stories to top these?


About kriskkaria

Actress, comedian, voice actor and singer, I voice a weekly podcast called Does This Happen to You. Funny compendium of your day's journey.

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