Our Metro bus service needs to provide little flags to their riders, one that says yes and the other that says no.  I ride the 71 bus to my transfer point.  The 76 bus travels the same route but it’s an express which goes straight downtown.  The 71 eventually gets downtown after winding its way through the U District.  Most riders want to go straight downtown but there isn’t a good way for the 71 bus driver to know that.  So, we slow down or stop at all the stops.  The driver opens the door and the riders just stare at him or ignore him busily craning their necks around the bus to see if the 76 is coming.  Then, there is the indecisive rider who gets on the 71 and promptly asks the driver if the 76 is coming.  The 71 bus driver doesn’t know so we sit at the stop for several seconds while the rider decides whether to stay on the 71 or get off and wait for the 76.  I’ve learned its best to get on the bus going your way which will get you at least close to your destination.  I feel like shouting this at the indecisive rider but it’s too much effort  at 8am in the morning and it’s not me to be that rude out loud.

Just this week there was a unique hold up at the stop.  The bus stopped but the woman was busy gabbing on her cell phone.  The driver thought she didn’t want to get on and started to pull away, but she held up her hand and managed to pull herself away from her conversation enough to get on the bus.  She continued talking the entire time even while finding a seat.

My other bus pet peeves are the riders who stand with you for at least 5 minutes waiting for the bus and then spend another 5 minutes searching for change to pay for their ride when the bus arrives.  Of course, I’m the one standing behind them, stuck on the bus steps, while they search.  And last but not least the music lovers whose iPods are turned up so loud I can hear the music.  I don’t see how the guy beside me the other day isn’t partially deaf already.  At least he had jazz on, I like jazz.

If you have other bus pet peeves, I’d love to hear them.


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Hi, I'm Kris. A narrator, actor, voice actor, and writer. I've impersonated a cat, a prince, a princess, a witch, a madwoman, and a president with my voice and narrated/produced over 40 audiobooks. I narrate and produce an award-winning weekly storytelling podcast showcasing stories from fantastic writers. Visit my IMDB page for stage and screen credits.

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  1. I can’t stand being in line behind someone at a restaurant with a menu board. This could be 10 minutes of waiting in line, so perhaps people could multitask and make their selection while waiting. This way when they hear “can I help you?” they will not respond with a big fat…UMMMMMM. Big peeve for me!

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