A Box Of Parts

JJ, Benny and I notice this box on the morning walk.  I look around but there is not another soul on the street.    There is no “free” sign on the box and looking at the parts I don’t think “free” is a good deal for them.  Now why would you leave a small box of parts on the parking strip?

Box of Parts

Ok, so Arnie and Connie live in the house to which the parking strip belongs.  Its Friday night at 6pm and the sink begins to leak.  Connie yells at Arnie to fix it, but he is not mechanically inclined.

Arnie says “I can’t fix it and we can’t get a plumber at 6pm on Friday.  Well…..maybe we can but I’m not spending that kind of money.”

To which Connie replies “So, do we have a bucket?  You can get one of those on a Friday night. Or we can call your Uncle Ernie.”

Arnie retorts, “Yeah, so I’m cheap.  I’ll call Uncle Ernie.  We haven’t talked to the old geezer lately anyway. “

Ernie diagnoses the problem in a few minutes.  He may be old but he’s still handy.  Ernie says “This cheap crap they use nowadays don’t last too long.  We need to go to the hardware store and if we hurry we’ll make it to Ace before they close. ”   An hour later, the sink is no longer leaking.  Connie is very happy.  Arnie isn’t but will be as soon as he sits down with a beer.   Ernie is content as he carries the parts he removed out to the car.  Ernie is greeted by his old friend Joe, out for his evening walk.  Uncle Ernie sits the box of parts on the parking strip as he catches up with Joe.

And there they sit, forgotten by Uncle Ernie.

Will Uncle Ernie remember where he left them?  Will Arnie finally get his beer?

#305 Confused shoes, where went the owner?


I loved this post, so I thought a bit about the arrival of the shoes’ owner at the Pearly Gates.

St. Peter: Welcome to Heaven. Before I let you in, I have some instructions.

Shoe owner: Oh man! I lost my shoes. I paid $200 for those shoes!

St. Peter: Stop right there! The little woman in white doesn’t like to leave those who overly value material things into Heaven.

Shoe owner: Little woman in white? I was expecting a big guy in white.

St. Peter: Oh boy, you do not want to go down that road. Anyway, I have lots of souls to process so we need to move along here.

Shoe owner: Ok….

St. Peter: Now, I have you down for 6 months in Heaven and 6 months in Hell. We’ll check you in to Heaven first. Hell tells me they’re totally on fire right now.,…they do have a weird sense of humor.

Shoe owner: What did I do to deserve 6 months in Hell?

St. Peter: Littering. The little woman in white is a real neat freak and you left your lunch crap on the sidewalk along with your shoes.

Originally posted on I'm curious about People:

I was brought up short by the sight of a pair of shoes. And I was trying to figure out why.

They were lying there on the pavement, in front of a bench, downtown, complete unto themselves but bereft of human.

Post-Rapture Shoes 1 copy sharp

Who leaves a perfectly good pair of shoes, unlaced on the ground? And leaves on the bench, a flattened box, possibly from some gourmet takeout place? And a napkin, used and crumpled and dropped?

The lady sitting at the other end of the bench might have known, but I can’t ask her picture.

Here’s what I think. Some man finished his lunch… and the Rapture came. See how one shoe is right side up and the other is right site down?

Half of him went to Heaven, and the other half went to Hell.

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A Hurricane Named Benny

I walked up the stairs this morning to find the dog bed hurled into the middle of hallway.


Dog Bed Hurl
The other dog bed hurled to the side of the bed and the rope toys lined up.


Toys Line Up

And Benny.


Hurricane Named Benny Dogtoon

Stand back!

Hub Cap Landscaping

JJ, Benny and I hustle along on our morning walk.  We pass a beautifully landscaped home.  I do not have a beautifully landscaped home.  I barely keep the blackberries at bay and wrestle with the morning glory for dominance over my garden.   I admire the picture of order before me.  Until I notice the hub cap sitting on the bank.  This hub cap just doesn’t fit in the well ordered green and flowery expanse.  I wonder if its placement is planned.

Hubcap landscaping

Hubcap landscaping

You just paid the landscaper for your beautiful new yard.  Everything is exactly how you imagined.  You awake the next morning to find a hub cap on your parking strip.  Strange, you didn’t hear any loud noises during the night, like a car hitting a huge pothole.  There are no potholes on your street anyway.  You walk up and down your street but no cars are missing hubcaps.   A neat nick you move the hubcap off your parking strip and set it on your bank.  The owner will come by and see it, won’t they.  It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Danny hates delivering pizzas but it’s the only job right now which fits his college schedule.  Danny curses under his breath as he’s out of his comfort zone in the Bryant neighborhood.  He delivers to the frat houses at the U mostly.  He flies over a dip in the road and the pizza box jumps 6 inches off the seat when the little Honda comes back down.  Why these rich people can’t fix their streets, he wonders.  He finds the house and hightails it back to the pizza joint.  When he arrives at That Pizza Joint, he says “Hey” to Timmy.  And Timmy says, “what happened to your hubcap, dude?”   Danny curses those rich Bryant pizza lovers who didn’t tip him much better than the frat boys.  He must keep delivering tonight and he’s got an early class tomorrow.  There is no time to troll that neighborhood for a hub cap.

Will Danny ever come back for his hubcap?  Are you destined to keep that eye sore on your bank?  What do you think?

Bright Pink Alien Signal

Henry is working up his most challenging game yet.  He buys a blue stocking cap with a bright pink pom-pom on the top at Wal-Mart.  Walking through the neighborhood, he sticks the cap in the guide wire of a utility pole.  Please with himself, he smiles, “This will get those M worlder’s panties in a twist.”

A few light years later, on a brilliant pink space ship shaped like a CD with a Viking helmet on top, Monica studies their current course, map and instructions. “It says turn right at the red dwarf called Centauri and hit the gas.  Count off 4.2 light years and find a blue planet.  This is one of the hardest Cosmos game’s Henry’s put forth yet.  How much is it worth?”

Maria replies, “Its 1000 energy credits just to finish.  We earn 9000 if we finish first.”

Monica calculates, “Hmmm, ok, just finishing gets us to Andromeda.  This last one is really hard.  Marsha and Megan trounced us at the last neutron star and they’ve got a light year head start. “

Maria grimaces, “Quitter.  We have an edge with this last object.  I know what a pom-pom is.”

Monica looks mystified, “a what?”

“Never mind, we’re coming up on 4 light years.  Slow down a bit.  We don’t want to over shoot it.”

Monica and Maria are from the M world.  M world is wild about treasure hunts.  Since they’re aliens with really fast space ships, their Cosmos game spans numerous galaxies and the stuff in between.

“I see it, I see it! And I don’t see Marsha or Megan”, yells Monica.

“Calm down.  We need to find the pink pom-pom located near the northern tip of the planet.  Pom-poms are used to decorate the inhabitant’s heads, according to the lore”, says Maria.

Maria stares intently at the blue planet.  Monica wonders why any species finds headdresses stylish.


Maria screams, “I see it, the pink pom-pom!  We’re gonna win!  Take us in!”   Maria grabs the blue stocking cap with the bright pink pom-pom from the utility pole guide wire and transports back to their ship via dimensional shift.  Maria dances around the ship with the hat.  Monica decides the species on this blue planet to be definitely unstylish.

The celebration is short as Marsha and Megan’s brilliant orange ship comes into view.  Maria and Monica step on it and beat a path home to the M world to claim their 9000 energy credits.

This story is inspired by KS Beth, http://ididnthavemyglasseson.com/.   Thank you for the fun comment which led to this alien story.

Socks in Love

JJ, Benny and I are bopping along on our usual morning walk.   We’re staying close in the neighborhood, just down the hill from our home.  Benny stops to sniff and I spot something white on the parking strip.  Leaning over for closer inspection, I find one white sock nestled in a black sock.  I’m bewildered.  How do you leave two mismatched socks outside, in the grass?

Socks in Love

Wanda the white sock and Freddie, the black sock, are in love.  They long to be together, next to each other.  But you hate mismatched socks and you’re never going to wear one white and one black sock together.  Let alone leave them near each other in your sock drawer, whites go on the left and blacks on the right.  It’s not going to change.  Desperate and both in the laundry basket, Wanda and Freddie sneak out the front door.   But socks need feet so Wanda and Freddie don’t get very far, just to the parking strip at the end of the drive.   Freddie curls around Wanda to protect her and they lay contently together.

You don’t notice Wanda and Freddie are missing until its laundry day.   You dump the nicely warm and dry laundry on your bed to fold.   You discover one white sock and one black sock.  You ask where their mates are.  They’re mute, not wanting to squeal on Wanda and Freddie.

Glancing out the window, you notice the neighbor’s dog, Homer, sniffing at something white on your parking strip.  He then pisses on it.   Curious as to what Homer is pissing on now, you walk out to the grass near your drive.   Wanda and Freddie are damp, cold and smelly but happy, still nestled together.  You’re perplexed.  How did two socks walk out of your house?  You don’t feel like cleaning Wanda and Freddie up so into the garbage they go.  Wanda and Freddie fall together, still entwined into the garbage can, very happy socks indeed.

Electric Pink Pom-Pom

Bored with the usual scenery, JJ, Benny and I trot across the bridge, over the major thoroughfare and go north.  We’re headed for the bucolic neighborhood jutting out into Lake Washington, with beautifully manicured lawns and stately homes.   We enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Washington and the floating bridge at the top of the hill.

I spy a blotch of pink and blue near the sidewalk.   I stop and we turn back to investigate.  It’s a hat, actually a blue stocking cap with a bright pink round pom-pom on top.  It’s stuffed into the guide wire for the power pole.   People in our neighborhood leave clothes in the strangest places.  Now, how did it get there?


Electric Pink Pom

Matilda’s mother always worries her little girl will get chilled.  She puts a warm coat and hat on Matilda even though its 65 degrees out.  Matilda plays with her friends down the street.  Within 15 minutes, Matilda is way too hot and strips off her hat and coat.  She ties the coat around her waist but has no pockets to stuff the hat into.  She stuffs it into the guide wire instead.  After an hour of play, Matilda heads home, forgetting her hat.  And there it remains.

The bus lets you off at the corner.   This morning when you left home, the onshore flow created clouds and a chill in the air.  Your winter coat and stocking cap kept you cozy.  Now, this afternoon, the sun is out and it’s warmed up at least 10 degrees.  Within 10 minutes, you’re sweating and you’re only halfway home.  You strip off your coat and stuff your stocking cap into a pocket.  You don’t notice when the cap falls out of your pocket.  A Good Samaritan on their way home 15 minutes later trips on your cap, and stuffs it into the guide wire.   This is so no one else will trip over it and its rightful owner will see it clearly.  When you get home, you notice your cap is gone and you’re bummed.  You love that bright pink pom-pom.  You hop in your car and retrace your steps, searching the sidewalk and grass for your beloved cap.  You do not see it because it’s now stuffed into a guide wire.

My money is on the Good Samaritan.  How do you think a stocking cap got stuck into a guide wire?

Curbed Clothing

JJ, Benny and I fly past the yard with the Dobermans and the fence with the yappy little dog behind it without incident.  The quiet of the morning will not be pierced by barking and my shouts.   As we round the curve, I notice clothes in the street.  A tee shirt and gym pants lie discarded near the curb.  They’re not torn or tattered or very worn.    I wonder how these clothes arrived at this spot.

Curbed Clothing

Curbed Clothing

You are new to jogging.  Everyone says it will help you drop some pounds.   After a quarter mile, over heated and over dressed, you strip off your shirt and gym pants and toss them away.  Relieved to be rid of them, and nearly exhausted, you walk home.  Too tired to retrieve your clothes after your jog, you pick them up the next day.

Your daughter, Becky, and you yell at each other as you drive.  She’s 13 and suddenly argumentative about everything.  She hates the new shirt and gym pants you picked out for her at the Gap.  In a tantrum, Becky tosses the clothing out the window.  They land on the car behind you and slide to the curb.   Taken aback and embarrassed, you keep on driving.

You’re late for yoga.  You race out the door with your shirt and yoga pants in hand.  You forget your shoes so you run back into the house, leaving your yoga gear on the top of the car.  You race back out to the car, throw your shoes in and take off.  Your yoga gear flies off the car as you round the corner.    Of course you don’t know this until you arrive at the gym with no yoga gear except your shoes.

I think Becky threw them out the window.   What about you?

The Argument

The Argument

The Argument

The Crow and the Squirrel

I call the boys for their walk.  No response.  Going to the window, I see them tearing around the huge fir tree. Suddenly, JJ and Benny stop and stare up into the branches, ears alert.  Then they take off running again.  I grumble and schlep the collars and leash down stairs and out into the back yard.

JJ flies by me but I manage to collar Benny.  I call for JJ to stop and come.  Just as I reach for his collar, the branches rustle loudly above us.  JJ takes off, all excited, racing around the tree.



Curious, I stare into the branches.  I notice a gray squirrel jump up on to a branch.  On the opposite side of the tree, a crow then flaps its wings and moves in the direction of the squirrel.  This prompts the squirrel to jump to another branch further up the tree and to the left.  The crow flaps its wings and trots after the squirrel.   The macabre dance is fascinating.  But we need to get out and walk.

I grab JJ’s collar and we’re off for a walk down the trail.

I ponder the crow and squirrel dance.  What the heck is that about?

  1. The crow and the squirrel are playing hide and seek.  It’s a slow morning.  The garbage is picked up and there are no peanuts distributed recently.  It’s a sunny so Bert the crow and Nutty the squirrel pass the time with a little fun.  The best part is watching the stupid dogs down below.
  2. Bert the crow and Nutty the squirrel hate each other.  Both claim the middle space in the tree.  Bert flaps his wings, threatening Nutty.  Nutty just deftly swings to another branch.  Nutty is not leaving the space.
  3. Bert the crow missed his garbage run and tries to catch Nutty to make a snack.  He is not succeeding.

My bet is on #2, a fight over who owns the space.  How about you?